Choice of the Professional Athlete

Since 1992 ProCase has been the choice of the professional athlete to showcase highlites from their career.

Whether you just caught your first touchdown as a rookie, or you just won your fourth game of the World Series, ProCase can preserve those memories for a lifetime. Hall of famers have sent their memorabilia to ProCase with the confidence that the finished showcase will display their career in a way that they'll be proud to hang in their homes.

Teams have come to ProCase when it's time to retire one of their favorite players numbers.

The Milwaukee Brewers called on ProCase to commemorate Paul Molitor's Hall of Fame career. The Miami Dolphins did the same when it came to retiring Dan Marino and Larry Csonka's numbers. The showcases for these Hall of Famers were presented to the players during on field presentations on national television.

After the ceremonies were over, the cases were sent to player's homes as a gift from their team. Having their case hanging in their home, Paul, Dan, and Larry will always have something to remind them of that special day.

Whether it's a guitar from your favorite group, a golf club from Arnie Palmer, or the most valued piece of memorabilia you own,  your childs little league jersey, ProCase can capture that memory, and display it for a lifetime.

What makes ProCase different
from the rest?

One look at a finished ProCase, and it tells a story, all by itself. Every case is custom built to fit whatever the collector or athlete wants in their showcase. Shoes, hat, ball, bat, wristbands, even an occassional pair of pants have been mounted along with a jersey.

Whatever it takes to commemorate a special event,  ProCase will get the job done.

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